Eating Through the Boysenberry Festival 2023 Preview

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It is time once again for the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm and we got a taste of what’s to come! And let me say there is plenty to eat and drink that this was just a handful of what is available.

We started off with a Boysenberry Margarita and a Mango Lemonade with Mint. The Margarita had a sweet and tangy flavor to it, and refreshing too. The Lemonade was more sweet than tart, and that was a welcome flavor. The mint gets accented very well with the flavors behind it.

Next we tried the Boysenberry Beef Tips over Parmesan Grits and the Boysenberry Sausage with Boysenberry Mustard. The Beef Tips partnered well with the grits and made a sweet and savory combination. The sausage was tender and tasty with a sweet mustard flavor.

To take a break from some hearty items we tried the Vegan Tofu Kale Bowl with an Apricot and Boysenberry Glaze. It had a nice, sweet glaze to it. The tofu was perhaps a bit too overpowering, but a great vegan alternative to other bites.

After a brief break with Snoopy we then tried the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese with Boysenberry Ranch and the Sweet Corn Nuggets with Boysenberry Honey. These were some of our favorites of the preview. The Mac and Cheese had an excellent flavorful cheesy bite to it. The chicken and the ranch really topped it off with various flavors all packed into one. None detracted from the other, though, and really made it a winning combination. The nuggets were crispy and the honey really completed it by giving a homestyle taste.

For dessert there were a few items to taste. There was a Panna Cotta with Shortbread, Boysenberry Blondie, and Boysenberry Beignets. The beignets were dusted with some sweet Boysenberry sugar and had that good fried and sweet flavor with every bite. The blondie was a soft and great dessert item to give it a delicate balance for a pastry. The panna cotta let the Boysenberry shine with a sweet jam-like mix at the bottom and super sweet tastes throughout.

Overall, the preview showcased what the festival can bring. None of the items was overpowering with Boysenberry flavor, but that is actually good. It served as an accent to common food dishes and made them elevated. The Boysenberry Festival begins March 10 so get your tickets now! It is always a great one to go to and keep going back to because of how much there is to eat!


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