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‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Closes in on ‘Titanic’ at the Box Office as it Continues to Steam Forward

Avatar: The Way of Water is closing in on Titanic at the box office. However, it isn’t overcoming it quite as fast as initially expected. This is due to Titanic being re-released in theaters for Valentine’s Day. Currently, both of these movies from James Cameron are in the top four movies at the global box office of all time. Titanic is number 3 at the global box office with $2.217 billion and Avatar: The Way of Water is number 4 with $2.214 billion.

Both movies had a decent run at the global box office this last weekend. Avatar: The Way of Water garnered $25.3 million. Titanic brought in $22.3 million globally. It is expected that despite Titanic steaming forward for Valentine’s Day that Avatar: The Way of Water will still overtake it in the coming days. Currently there is about a $3 million difference between the two.

James Cameron currently has made three of the four top movies of all time at the box office. Avatar, which Cameron brought to the world in 2009, holds the top spot with $2.92 billion. The second spot is held by Avengers: Endgame at $2.8 billion. Then the third and fourth spots are held by Titanic and then Avatar: The Way of Water. All four spots are held by movies that are owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Domestically, Avatar: The Way of Water didn’t hold the top spot over the weekend. That honor was held by Magic Mike’s The Last Dance with its $8.2 million haul. Avatar: The Way of Water came next with $6.9 million and Titanic next at $6.4 million. Domestically they have earned $646.9 million and $665.7 million, respectively.

Internationally, Avatar: The Way of Water earned $18.9 million. This puts its foreign total at $1,567 billion. Titanic came close behind with $15.9 million internationally for a grand total of $1.551 billion.


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