‘Wondrous Journeys’ Offers Wonderful Kiss Goodnight at Disneyland For Disney100 Celebration

On January 27, 2023, Wondrous Journeys officially debuted to the public at the Disneyland Resort. With projections, fireworks, effects, and a collection of incredible Disney music, this show wowed those in attendance throughout the park. The new show is billed as “an epic adventure through 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios.” This really is exactly what it is. There is something for just about everyone during the course of this nighttime spectacular. This includes both the Blue Fairy and Baymax flying over Sleeping Beauty castle.

The Daps Magic team was on hand to capture the opening night of Wondrous Journeys. People began waiting for the show hours before it began. With over an hour until the show began, Main Street was full as far as the eyes could see. Announcements were made encouraging people to visit the Rivers of America if they wanted to see this show. The crowd was in good spirits as everyone waited with anticipation for this new fireworks spectacular. Finally the moment for the show arrived and the energy was palpable. Within seconds, it was clear that people were drawn in and hooked to the story that was unfolding in front and around them.

As the show unfolded all around, it quickly became clear that this show was something special. It shares moments from all 62 films from the Walt Disney Animation Studios, including the upcoming Disney Wish. As the show continued, people could be heard reacting to different moments and scenes that they were experiencing. Many people around the Daps Magic team could be seen and heard getting emotional. At several points throughout the show, a dad could be seen dancing with his daughter. The whole experience was absolutely wonderful.

After the show concluded, as the exit music played, many people just stayed in place… holding on to what they had just experienced and letting it carry them a little further into the night. Wondrous Journeys is a beautiful journey through the history of the animated stories that have been told by Walt Disney Animation Studios over the course of the last century. This is a show with a LOT of things happening and a lot of things to look for. It will be one that is worth watching over and over again as one searches for moments from all 62 of the movies including in this nighttime spectacular and relives the magic that only Disney can make with the stories that only Disney can tell.

Wondrous Journeys Opening Night at Disneyland

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