Oswald the Lucky Rabbit nuiMOs Now Available on ShopDisney.com!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is the newest Disney character be made into a nuiMOs plush. This newest nuiMOs is also now available on shopDisney.com. Oswald was a Walt Disney character that helped him find success. Oswald was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1927 for Universal Pictures. In 1928, Disney lost control of the character and was set on a path that would eventually lead to the creation of Mickey Mouse. Decades later in 2006, Disney CEO Bob Iger brought Oswald back to The Walt Disney Company from NBCUniversal by basically trading sportscaster Al Michaels for the lucky rabbit.

Since his return to Disney in 2006, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has appeared in the Disney Parks, in the Epic Mickey video games, and also in a new short, among other places. This character now can be purchased on shopDisney.com. Here are the details about this niuMOs plush of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit:

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Disney nuiMOs Plush


Before Mickey Mouse there was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Walt’s original cartoon character is set to become a fashion model as this Disney nuiMOs plush. Originating in Japan, nuiMOs are a cute and cuddly collection of your favorite Disney companions that can be dressed up in a wide range of chic, colorful and fun outfits to suit your unique personality and taste.Magic in the details

  • Soft plush construction
  • Embroidered features
  • Poseable
  • Hands have magnets to close hands or hold hands with other plush
  • Heads can turn
  • Dress Oswald up with our wide range of Disney nuiMOs outfits, each sold separately
  • Oswald’s blue shorts are not removable, outfit pieces can be added on top of them
  • Part of our Disney nuiMOs Collection
  • Part of the Disney100 Celebration Collections

The bare necessities

  • Ages 6+
  • Outside: polyester
  • Inside: polyester fiber / polypropylene stiffener / plastic coated wire / magnet / polyethylene pellets / plastic joint
  • 8 1/4” H
  • Imported

What do you think of the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Disney nuiMOs Plush? Will you be purchasing him? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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