Super Nintendo World Comes to Life Ahead of Opening at Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World will be opening at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 17, 2023. When it does, guests will be able to experience the world of Mario and Luigi’s adventures in an immersive way like never before.

Guests will enter Super Nintendo World through, appropriately enough, a green pipe. This is just what anyone who grew up playing the Mario games would expect. In the land there are gold coins, mushrooms, piranha plants, ? blocks, green shells, goombas, power up mushrooms and POW blocks. There are also all the sound effects and accompanying music that should be expected as well.

With a little over a month until this new land opens where the Phantom of the Opera soundstage once stood, things are coming to life. Some of the Daps Magic team recently stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood and saw just how this new land is bringing the world of video games into the real world. Check out the video and photos below:

Universal Studios Hollywood has said that due to the limited space of the land, “Reservations may be required to enter Super Nintendo World. Capacity is limited and based on space availability throughout the day.” Once inside, guests will get to experience this land in multiple ways beyond the gift shop, Toadstool Cafe, and meeting Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. The land will come to life with four challenges. The completion of each of the four challenges gets the player a key. These four Key Challenges involve beating Piranha Plant, Goomba, Koopa Troopa and Thwomp and then battle Bowser Jr. The challenges can be played with or without a $40 Power-Up Band. There are some perks to the Power-Up Band, including tracking the points. There are other ways to experience the land as well, often replicating things that one would do while playing the games.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge is the main attraction for the land. The attraction utilizes augmented reality, projection mapping technology and also actual set pieces to bring the world to life for people going through the experience. The queue is said to be a fantastic place for pictures and selfies. On the attraction itself, guests will wear “Mario” visors that are basically goggles to experience things fully. On the attraction, guests will battle with Team Bowser on recognizable Mario Kart courses with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach by collecting coins and also throwing shells to win the coveted Golden Cup. The Power-Up Band adds even more to the attraction by tracking riders’ past experiences to impact the future races.

The Super Nintendo World truly does exactly what the name implies. It brings the world of Super Nintendo to the real world. What do you think about this new land and attraction? Will you be visiting Universal Studios Hollywood when it opens? Share your thoughts, opinions, and hopes in the comments below!

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