Disney PhotoPass Photographers Get New Green Costumes at Walt Disney World Resort

It’s not easy being green, unless perhaps you are a Disney PhotoPass Photographer. Disney PhotoPass Photographers have new costumes at Walt Disney World Resort and they are green. They aren’t just green in color, but it is also environmentally friendly. The new costumes will debut in the parks on February 1, 2023.

These new costumes are green both in color and also in the fact that they are environmentally friendly. The fabric used to make the costumes are made of recycled material. This also includes the Disney PhotoPass emblem that is stitched on the sleeve. Costume Designer for Disney Live Entertainment Josh shared about how this was achieved.

“Sustainability and environmental consciousness are major focuses of all design work for cast member costumes,” he said. “We’re always looking for new practices and technologies that go the extra mile towards reducing our environmental footprint.”  

The new costumes are also designed to help control moisture and protect against sun rays. This is something that is very valuable for cast members in Florida where they need protection against the weather.

“My favorite part about designing costumes for our cast is ensuring they are comfortable and safe,” Josh said. “We help them to be at their best so they can make magic for our guests.”

Disney PhotoPass Photographers help capture the magical moments so that guests can carry them home with them. These new costumes will make them even more comfortable when doing it and also very easy to spot. What do you think of the new green look?

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