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Star Wars by the Fire: The Mandalorian and Grogu

Earlier this week, Star Wars fans could relax and watch a Snowy Starkiller Base with Lofi music. Today, a new video was released by Star Wars, that isn’t a yule log. However, it does include a fire yet again. Star Wars by the Fire: The Mandalorian and Grogu is a very relaxing video to watch and listen to that stars unsurprisingly Mando and Grogu. There are also some fun nods to other things found in the Star Wars universe throughout the video. The video has Mando and Grogu sitting by the fire on Tatooine and lasts about an hour. Check it out here:

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What do you think of this relaxing Star Wars By the Fire video? What else would you like to see like this? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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