Join the Rebellion, Buy an X-Wing, and Support Ukraine!

For many Star Wars fans, there is a dream of joining the Rebellion, hopping in an X-Wing, and then joining Luke Skywalker in making the trench run to destroy the Death Star as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. Now, there is the possibility to bring part of those dreams to life and also help fight against an evil Empire while at it! A guy in Atlanta, Georgia built an X-Wing which he is now selling to raise money for the people and army of Ukraine.

The sale was announced with a clever YouTube video that can be seen below. In the video, the opening crawl says the following:



After only 8 short years of
careful planning, design, testing,
construction, more design,
vacations, work, parties, drinks,
patio and hot tub projects,
multiple overseas trips,
COVID-19 and a host of other

the LeKX-Wing Fighter project
is finally complete.

And just in time.

A battle for international
and domestic peace has
spontaneously erupted,
compelling the young,
charismatic Rebel, Akaki
Lekiachvili, to devise a brilliant
plan that will raise money to
support the brave and mighty
Ukrainians and their Army,
who “use the force” every day
to further defeat the dark and
misguided, evil Empire.


Restore peace to his universe…

The video then pivots to a song about a “fighter for sale” and how the guy’s wife is done with him having an X-Wing. It also shows the progress of building the X-Wing. The full video can be seen here:

YouTube player

The price for the X-Wing is not listed at this point. More about its sale can be found on its website, There, a post shares more about the goal for the future of the X-Wing:

The Star Wars franchise has stood the test of time, capturing the imagination of six decades of children (of all ages!). One dreamer embarked on his own journey to bring the story to life, building a life size, computerized, fully operational X-Wing starfighter from Star Wars: A New Hope. The project was adopted and adored by the local community, even reaching the X-Wing’s original pilot, Luke Skywalker (played by Mark Hammill), who tweeted in response to an early development video. Now the community is curious if the X Wing starfighter could play a more epic role by raising money to support the people of Ukraine, in an all too real battle for freedom from imperialism and oppression. We welcome new ideas and partners in the effort to turn this project into a positive impact for the people of Ukraine.

Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Let’s see what we can do together.

More photos and videos of this X-Wing that is for sale can be found at There is also a contact link there for those interested in purchasing the X-Wing and supporting its efforts to support Ukraine.

What do you think of this X-Wing for sale? Would you like to buy it? Could you? If you can’t, could you share this article to help raise awareness for the cause and help raise more support for Ukraine through this X-Wing? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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