Disneyland Paris Announces New 5-Year Coffee Partnership

Disneyland Paris has announced a new five-year coffee partnership with Lavazza Group. The new partnership will bring the Lavazza and Carte Noire brands of coffee to the number one tourist destination in Europe. Lavazza is known for its authentic Italian coffee globally and Carte Noire is the leading coffee brand in the French retail market.

“As Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, we are delighted to have Lavazza Group by our side to celebrate the beginning of this new era for the resort,” said Laure Albouy, Vice President Business Strategy & Integration of Disneyland Paris. “Our companies, that have a strong set of shared values around excellence and passion will now create joint marketing activations throughout Europe.  And of course, our guests now have the pleasure to enjoy the Lavazza coffee experiences across the resort.”

Lavazza products and services will be found throughout the entire resort through this official partnership. The five-year agreement between Disneyland Paris and Lavazza Group will not just provide top-notch hot beverage offerings but will also help support the sustainability vision that Disneyland Paris promotes.

Disneyland Paris described the sustainability efforts included in this partnership. In a release, it said, “By choosing La Reserva de ¡Tierra ! – a range containing coffees from territories and communities involved in social responsibility projects, promoted and managed by Lavazza Foundation – Disneyland Paris is proud to offer its guests Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products, an NGO which promotes the rights and well-being of workers’ communities, supporting farms to meet rigorous social and environmental standard.”

There will also be exclusive recipes for Disneyland Paris created by Lavazza in collaboration with the resort’s chefs. This will be aimed at complementing the uniquely Disney dining experiences found at Disneyland Paris. One example shared is the new delicious oat-based drink recipes found at The Grinder on Main Street, USA at the Disneyland park in Paris.

The partnership will also allow the Lavazza Group and Disneyland Paris to share marketing efforts throughout Europe. Disneyland Paris says that “These activations will showcase the optimism, spontaneity and creativity that characterize the two companies.”

“We share many values with Disneyland Paris: the search for excellence, innovation, passion and, of course, fun,” said Mauro Mantovani, Chief Commercial Officer Lavazza Group “This agreement, which is part of Lavazza’s internationalization strategy, reaffirms that France is a key market for us and gives us the opportunity to further showcase our quality products to an international audience.”

What do you think of this new coffee partnership between Lavazza Group and Disneyland Paris? Have you had any of the Lavazza Group brands of coffee? What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!