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Disney CEO Bob Iger is Greeted With Enthusiastic Response Upon His Return to Disneyland

Disney CEO Bob Iger returned to Disneyland on Saturday, December 3, 2022 ahead of the Candlelight Processional. With Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro, Iger toured both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure throughout the day before returning to Disneyland for the first performance of the Candlelight Processional. The two were greeted with smiles and requests for photos as they made the way through their day.

A couple of hours before the Candlelight Processional began, Iger and D’Amaro made their way through town square where people were waiting for the processional to begin. They were surrounded by guests wanting to get a picture with the two. The crowd all began cheering when they also realized the returned Disney CEO Iger was nearby. Hundreds of cell phones raised to take photos and videos as the two made their way out of the park. It was very apparent that people were happy to see Iger return and were more than willing to tell him so.

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Throughout the day as the Daps Magic team was waiting for the first Candlelight Processional, multiple guests talked to the team and could be heard talking to each other about how happy they were that Iger had returned to Disney. Many people also could be heard hoping that Iger was going to be the narrator. That narration job went to Viola Davis. Iger has his hands full, however, as he again takes control of The Walt Disney Company and for the next two years, sets it on a path for success before handing it off to a new successor. When he was brought back to Disney, the board tasked him with setting strategic direction for the future and also helping pick the next CEO. Judging by the crowd’s reaction to his stroll through Town Square, Disney guests have a lot of hope placed in him.

Iger and D’Amaro returned to Town Square just before the start of the Candlelight Processional and Iger was again greeted with applause. The applause then continued as director Nancy Sulahian took the stage to start the beautiful program that would be narrated by Viola Davis.

The return of Iger comes after he official retired just under a year ago as Executive Chairman for The Walt Disney Company. He stepped down as CEO in early 2020 and passed the torch to Bob Chapek. Chapek restructured the company in the last two years and then after a less than stellar fiscal report and delivery of said fiscal report, lost the confidence of the Disney Board of Directors. This led to the return of Bob Iger, as was mentioned before. At this point, Iger hasn’t made major changes since returning to the company but has indicated there will be change coming, particularly for the Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution segment of the company.


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