2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts Focuses on Figment with Merchandise as New Artists Arrive For the Celebration

The 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts  will be coming to EPCOT on January 13, 2023, and continue through February 20, 2023. During this time, EPCOT will be celebrating the culinary, visual, and performing arts.  Today it was announced that this will be a celebration of Figment for those who love to get the festival’s merchandise. It was also announced that there will be a lineup of new artists arriving as well!

EPCOT International Festival of the Arts Figment Merchandise

This year there will be some new Figment-inspired festival merchandise available. The merchandise is described as being “expressive, colorful and featuring a touch of magic.” Different offerings include a Spirit Jersey, Figment Chalkboard Framed Mug, Figment Munchlings, and a Figment CORKCICLE Tumbler. The collection has an array of colors and will hopefully inspire people to embrace their creative side.

EPCOT International Festival of the Arts  Artists

The 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts  will also include a lineup of over 100 artists that will be participating and contributing. This includes some new artists and some returning favorites like Dylan Bonner, Fenway Fan, Jerrod Maruyama, and Ashley Taylor. The House of Blues and Promenade Fine Arts (previously called Wyland Galleries) will also be returning. Below is a look at some of the artists who were highlighted by Disney as participating in this coming Festival of the Arts.

Larissa Marantz is an illustrator, cartoonist and educator who strives to create visually alluring images and enjoys teaching students of various ages how to do the same. Yesenia Moises is an Afro-Latina children’s book illustrator and toy designer who proudly portrays people of diverse backgrounds playing leading roles in fantasy adventures.

The work of Ryan Riller, an animator and illustrator, is featured in Disney Junior’s “Whisker Haven Tales.”  Joe Ledbetter is known for his distinctive style in painting and vinyl toy design. He has created a spectacular cast of creatures used to anthropomorphize the human condition.  

Visual art will come to life with prints, canvases and books by Kahran and Regis Bethencourt, the faces behind CreativeSoul Photography. The husband-and-wife team aims to empower children of color by highlighting their beauty and uniqueness. Going beyond snapshots, they create thought-provoking art showcasing kids across the African Diaspora.

Throughout the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts , the DISNEY ON BROADWAY Concert Series will be offering three performances per night that celebrates over 25 years of Disney Broadway productions and songs. Dining packages can be purchased for the series at ArtfulEpcot.com.

What do you think of all the offerings coming to the 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts ? What are you most excited about? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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