Walt Disney World Resort to Adjust Theme Park Ticket Pricing

The way guests by park tickets for Walt Disney World Resort is changing on December 8, 2022. Walt Disney World will be adjusting to a model that changes prices based on the park a guest is visiting and the date they are visiting on. This new pricing system will continue to see high demand days have higher prices. The change will be that pricing will also be park specific. The range of prices for single day tickets for a single park can be seen here:

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom $109 – $159
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios $124 – $179
  • EPCOT $114 – $179
  • Magic Kingdom $124 – $189

The most expensive 1-day ticket will be for Magic Kingdom. This will be during the 9 days around Christmas. The lowest price at $109 is at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is the same lowest price for a single day ticket as can be currently purchased and this price has remained the same for over four years.

For those who are purchasing a single day ticket for a single park, the system will automatically book a park reservation during the purchase process. This will only happen for this type of ticket. It will not happen for park hopper tickets or multi-day tickets. It should be noted that park-hopping prices will change for single day tickets as well. The exact prices for this are not known at this time. It is also expected that multi-day tickets and other tickets will also be seeing price increases as well. Walt Disney World Annual Passes also will see prices go up. All of these changes will go into place on December 8, 2022.

The changes in pricing comes after Disneyland Resort increased prices last month. Price increases historically have been an annual tradition for domestic Disney theme parks. Expect more details to be released in the coming weeks for these next price increases.


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