Day Sixteen: PeopleMover – 24 Days of Thanksgiving

There are few things more nostalgic and relaxing than going for a ride aboard the PeopleMover. Back in the day, I loved riding it when at Disneyland. Today, I love riding it when I’m at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. There is something absolutely wonderful about cruising through the skies of Tomorrowland with a narrator pointing out the different icons of Tomorrowland. It is an experience I’m always thankful for and never miss when I’m at Walt Disney World Resort.

Remembering back through the years, the PeopleMover at Disneyland was one of my earliest. I can remember climbing up over the roads of Autopia, looking down over the Submarine Lagoon, and of course, traveling into the world of TRON. This was always a favorite part of mine as it definitely gave the illusion of going faster than we actually were. After the Disneyland version went away, I was delighted to discover that the PeopleMover still existed at Walt Disney World Resort. I hadn’t been to Walt Disney World growing up so I was very happy when I went for the first time and discovered I could go on another iteration of the attraction.

The PeopleMover is a wonderful attraction that simply thinking about makes me happy. I’m so glad that it lives on at Magic Kingdom and I can spend a few minutes relaxing in the skies of Tomorrowland. I don’t care if it is in the morning, afternoon, or evening, I love the PeopleMover and am so thankful that I have had so many opportunities to ride aboard it.

Are you thankful for the PeopleMover? Do you have any favorite memories of it? Join our 24 Days of Thanksgiving in the comments below and share your thankful thoughts!

Magic Kingdom PeopleMover 2022


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