Day Four: Characters – 24 Days of Thanksgiving

The Disneyland Resort has always been so special to me. I grew up very close and got to have family memories in the parks. It’s funny that I’m writing a post about being grateful for the characters of the Disneyland Resort because I was terrified of them as a child. As I have grown up, they have become an excellent center point of so many memories.

The characters have such an amazing way of bringing the magic to life. Before the pandemic, it was so heartwarming to be able to walk down Main Street with Mickey Mouse on my arm, just chatting away. During the pandemic, we obviously had to meet characters a little differently. They all worked so hard to make sure every single guest felt loved, even with six feet, or more, between us.

After pandemic restrictions were lifted, I was tentative to hug characters again. I wanted to respect everyone’s space and keep everyone safe and healthy. One day, a few weeks ago, Minnie Mouse walked up, grabbed my arm, and gave me one of the biggest hugs you could imagine. Even thinking about it now, tears come to my eyes because it was such a perfect moment. It was a hug Minnie almost knew I needed, and was one of those moments that will live with me as long as I live.

To the characters of Disney, and the cast members that make the magic possible, THANK YOU! You help bring the magic of Disney to life in a way no one possibly could, and you do it so well every single day. I am so beyond grateful for everything you bring to the parks.


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