Two Captains Log: Weekly Review of Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E4

It is time for the Two Captains Log with a look at Lower Decks most recent episode. This episode saw the lower decks group try for quarters of their own, while the engineers of the Cerritos try to relax. Of course, chaos and comedy ensue and here are the thoughts on “Room For Growth.”


Mr. Daps: “This week the soundtrack was just fine. I wouldn’t say it is the most memorable but it also wasn’t bad either. It did what it needed to do and nothing more.”

Murray: “I do find the music to still be subtle while incorporating some great themes. This week didn’t have any that stood out in particular, where there is usually even a nod to other series or movies. And I actually feel like there were some great opportunities. It’s not bad to have a more background score, but some homage would have been nice.”


Mr. Daps:”The design this week was rather simple in general. The captain of the Dove was interesting and reminded me of Star Trek: The Animated Series. I also thought it was cool to see another ship design by seeing the Dove. Seeing the Cerritos undergo its transformation at the beginning was also interesting. Overall, it was a fun episode to look at and everything was designed well, just perhaps nothing too far out of the box.”

Murray: “The main captain/therapist of the Dove stands out. She’s a three-armed alien, but I was a little distracted by the third arm. It wasn’t so much the position as the animation with the position. Other than that, I liked the Delta team having similar uniforms and mirrored personalities to Boimler, Mariner, and Tendi.”


Mr. Daps: “The story, or stories, are really where this week’s episode shone. There were two entertaining storylines happening at once. Both of them were developing the characters that were involved with them in humorous ways. It was fun to see how completely different the two stories were yet also how completely related to the overall life aboard the Cerritos. It was also fun to learn more about how the individual characters tick.”

Murray: “There was a rather interesting two-plot episode that didn’t intertwine. Yet, the pace of both worked very well. Having comical looks at relaxation for Starfleet and having a race to get quarters were both great small plots to put together. It was interesting to have so much of the story be central to the Cerritos, which is not something we always see with the show.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This episode was an easy hit. It was enjoyable to watch, it had a good storyline, it made sense, and it added depth to the show overall. While it may not have moved the overall plot for the season forward a ton, it did add some depth to it with the character development.”

Murray: “I designate the episode a hit. It was a great combination of very fun plots, and both resolutions were great fun. Having a lot of interesting secrets revealed of characters was also a nice touch. The other part of it is how they are continuing certain elements of other episodes, and in tongue-in-cheek ways. In all just a rather fun episode, though not totally profound.”