Shanghai Disneyland Official Flagship Store

Shanghai Disneyland Launches Official Online Flagship Store on Tmall

Shanghai Disneyland has launched its official online flagship store on Tmall. This is the resort’s first online shopping destination. It promises to expand Shanghai Disneyland’s retail experience beyond the resort and offer a “complete multichannel shopping experience.” It was also announced that the resort is expanding its holistic shopping experience with a new “Special Merchandise Exclusive Draw,” which is a new shopping program for high-demand merchandise items. All of this comes the week after the official opening of the Disney Home Store in Disneytown. It also comes during the “2022 Shanghai Pudong Double Five Shopping Festival.”

“We are very appreciative of our passionate guests and fans for their strong affinity for Shanghai Disney Resort, and their lasting love for our experiences and products,” said Joe Schott, President and General Manager of Shanghai Disney Resort. “We continue to leverage new technologies and platforms to further elevate the guest shopping experience. The opening of our new flagship store on Tmall, and introduction of additional online and offline shopping experiences will provide guests and fans with even more products and convenient shopping options.”

Tmall is an official sponsor of the resort. The Shanghai Disneyland Official Flagship Store on TMall offers a wide range of merchandise that includes plush, fashion, accessories, toys, souvenirs, home décor, and more. During the trail operations stage, guests will be able to get the Summer Mickey’s Pool Party Collection and Chip ‘n’ Dale Car Accessories Collection. These were previously exclusive to the resort. Shanghai Disneyland promises that more products will become available after the official opening of the store later this summer.

The online store is being billed as a step forward in storytelling and innovation that integrates both physical and digital to help guests experience the magic of Shanghai Disney Resort even more. This begins before a trip begins as guests can find information to prepare for their trip. They will also be able to prepare for the trip by ordering outfits and merchandise to wear and have for their trip.

Another innovative approach to shopping that Shanghai Disneyland is launching is the “Special Merchandise Exclusive Draw.” This program is for high-demand products and will provide more opportunities for guests to purchase their favorite merchandise and return with memories from their trip.

“Special Merchandise Exclusive Draw” Details

The new “Special Merchandise Exclusive Draw” will begin trial operations on August 15. Available on Shanghai Disney Resort’s official app, guests entering Shanghai Disneyland and participating in the drawing by bundling their park tickets with the app at any time prior to 18:00 will enjoy an equal opportunity to enter a daily drawing to win an in-park purchase voucher for some of the resort’s special merchandise collections. Within a designated timeslot on the winning day, voucher winners will have access to purchase select merchandise products in Wandering Moon Restaurant located at the Gardens of Imagination in Shanghai Disneyland. All voucher winners of the day will have access to purchase from the same product throughout the day, irrespective of the time they are assigned to enter the store. Each eligible guest can participate in the drawing once per day, with purchase limits applied for each product per guest. Products will be sold seasonally subject to the resort’s sales plans, and guests must be in the park and complete their purchase on the day of their park visit before leaving. The new program is designed to further elevate guest comfort and convenience by providing guests an equal chance to enter the store and purchase highly popular products on any given day – there is no need to arrive at the park early to shop for these products! – and at the same time to support on-site pandemic prevention and control measures.

The addition of this online shopping experience isn’t meant to replace the immersive shopping environments found at Shanghai Disney Resort. Instead, it is meant to enhance them. The most recent addition to the physical shopping experience at Shanghai Disney Resort is the Disney Home Store. This is a two-story store that opened on August 8 at Dixneytown. This is the first-ever home specialty store for a Disney resort in China. It offers a wide range of merchandise that includes furnishings, tableware, loungewear, apparel, decorative pieces, gifts, plush and more. As part of the opening, there is a new line called StellaLou’s Dreamy Home Collection and Duffy’s Cuddly Home Collection. Shanghai Disney Resort shares that the Disney Home Store is quickly becoming one of its most iconic shopping destinations.

What do you think of these new shopping offerings at Shanghai Disney Resort? What do you think of the new “Special Merchandise Exclusive Draw?” Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!