It’s Time to Play the Music and Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz Shows How with This Muppets Medley

Think of The Muppets and it is very easy to not only think of zany comedy, memorable friendships, and iconic comedic moments but also the music! Music has been a huge part of The Muppets’ journey through the years as they sought success and also to make the world a better place. As they sang in the opening theme song for The Muppet Show every week, “it’s time to play the music!” and Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz has shown that to be very true.

Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz posted on YouTube a new medley of favorite Muppet tunes that show he was ready to play the music… and he did. In under three minutes, he performed over a dozen favorite Muppet tuns. This medley includes:

  • The Muppet Show Theme
  • Rainbow Connection
  • I’m Going to Go Back There Someday
  • Life’s a Happy Song
  • Together Again
  • We’re Doing a Sequel
  • Movin’ Right Along
  • Marley and Marley
  • Shiver My Timbers
  • Man or Muppet
  • Hey, A Movie!
  • Life Hereafter
  • Can You Picture That?
  • Happiness Hotel
  • Mahna Mahna

Check out the full medley here:

Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz also has many other medleys on his YouTube channel. Many of these are Disney medleys. Make sure and check them all out and leave him a comment saying you found him through DAPS MAGIC!

What do you think of this Muppets Medley? Which song in it is your favorite? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and make sure to share this video on social media!

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