Disney Making “Big Thunder Mountain” Movie With “Hawkeye” Directors

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Disney is working on a movie based on the Big Thunder Mountain attraction in its theme parks. Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free are producing the film. Hawkeye directors Bert and Bertie have signed on to direct the film. The script is being written by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, the married duo behind Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and the 2017 Power Rangers reboot.

Big Thunder Mountain takes place in a gold rush mining town in the 1800s. As with many good attractions (and stories), something goes horribly wrong. At Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, this is an earthquake. In Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, a flood strikes. The Tokyo Disneyland version has a tsunami hit. Just how closely this film will relate to the attraction isn’t known at this point.

This isn’t the first time that Disney has taken a run at bringing Big Thunder Mountain to a screen. About a decade ago, Disney attempted to turn it into a Western pilot with writer Ice Age: Continental Drift Jason Fuchs and Fast and Furious scribe Chris Morgan executive producing. This didn’t end up going anywhere, however.

For many fans visiting a Disney theme park, Big Thunder Mountain is a favorite attraction that is a must-do. The timeline nor release date for this film has not been announced. It is also unknown if this will end up on the big screen or on Disney+. This movie will be the next in a series of films based on Disney attractions. Recently The Jungle Cruise was made into a movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

What do you think about a live-action film being made around Big Thunder Mountain? Who do you think should be in it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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