Christmas is Coming… But First, Halloween – GEEKS CORNER – Episode #619

Welcome to GEEKS CORNER! This week the GEEKS are looking ahead to Christmas at the Disneyland Resort. This comes after Disneyland shared its plans for the holiday season this year. The GEEKS talk about what they are looking forward to and also do some blue sky dreaming about what they would do during the holidays at the Happiest Place on Earth! And yes, this includes The Muppets.

The geeks also talk about some new trailers that were released this week for Cars on the Road and also Andor. What did you think of these trailers? Share your thoughts in the comments! Finally, the GEEKS talk about the House of the Retro Future at the Howard Johnson Hotel across from the Disneyland Resort. Finally, during GEEKS CORNER+ the geeks talk about their rankings for the theatrical releases of Muppet movies! We hope you enjoy this week’s show! We’ll see you in the corner!


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