Filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan Shares About Making ‘Light & Magic’ as Docuseries Arrives on Disney+

Light & Magic arrives on Disney+ today. This docuseries received unprecedented access behind the curtain to see what has made Industrial Light & Magic a pioneer in the effects industry for nearly five decades! What started as what was seen as an impossible dream has turned into a triumph of imagination and technology.

Director Lawrence Kasdan dives into the personal and professional history of Industrial Light & Magic. In an interview, he shared how he got involved with this project and what he focused on. In this six-part series, Kasdan gets incredible interviews, previously unseen footage, and also never-seen-before photos.

The series was created in collaboration with Imagine Documentaries, which was recently founded by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

“I suggested a history of visual effects, because even though I had been around visual effects throughout my career, it occurred to me that I didn’t know much about them,” Kasdan says of the project.

“The second thing that interested me were the people of Industrial Light & Magic that I had been working around for over forty years,” he continues. “I’m interested in what happens between people, and why people make certain decisions in their lives. What chance is involved? What fate, what luck? So from the very beginning of this I was interested in learning what brought these people to this work. What were the relationships that they made when they arrived? Why did they continue to work there much longer than they expected, some for forty-five years or more? What has all that meant to these amazing advancements in technology? It’s about people, and their gifts, and out of those gifts came technological advancements that boggle the mind.”

You can see his interview here:

Light & Magic is now on Disney+ and is a must-watch for any Star Wars or special effects fan. Check it out on Disney+ today!