Disneyland 67th Birthday - Featured Image

Disneyland Celebrates 67th Birthday With Magical Moments at Castle, Main Street, and Town Square!

The Disneyland Resort celebrated its 67th birthday with a magical moment that included the Disneyland Band, Mickey and friends, the Dapper Dans, and other friends with balloons.

The moment started at Sleeping Beauty Castle at 12:00 PM with the traditional castle moment with the Disneyland Band before singing Happy Birthday to Disneyland. The procession then moved to Main Street, USA to sing Happy Birthday again.

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The final stop for the cavalcade was in Town Square on Main Street, USA. This is, of course, where it all began. There, the entire group performed Live the Magic. This was the song that was central to Disneyland’s 60th-anniversary celebration. This was followed by another rendering of Happy Birthday.

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The birthday moment over, the entire group made their way backstage and guests dispersed into the parks to enjoy the 67th birthday of the Happiest Place on Earth.

What do you think of this birthday moment for Disneyland’s 67th birthday? Do you call it a birthday or anniversary? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Thank you to Caitie, Angela, Cristina, and Nick for helping us get coverage of this special day!