Looking Back at Avengers Campus Opening One Year Later

One year ago this morning the DAPS MAGIC team, and many other Disney/Marvel fans, were descending on Disney California Adventure for the official opening day of Avengers Campus. This was a day that was a long time coming. With the closure of the parks due to the pandemic, the opening of Avengers Campus had been delayed. However, now on June 4, 2021, fans would be able to enter Avengers Campus and get to experience their favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe super heroes and their stories in a completely new and immersive way.

As with all openings, there were ups and downs throughout the days as operations and procedures were put to the test for the first time (Read about how the opening day played out in the article posted here). However, one year later and those details are mainly a whisper of a memory. What is remembered now is seeing fan-favorite heroes strolling through the land, fighting the villains, flying through the air, creating magical moments, and seeing old friends once again.

Below is a fairly extensive photo gallery of the opening day of Avengers Campus. Following the photos, some thoughts will be shared about Avengers Campus after one year.

The opening of Avengers Campus one year ago really was a fantastic day. It was amazing to see how many heroes were out and about on opening day. This has continued throughout the year. The entertainment offerings were also incredible as well. These have also continued. The food and beverages are (and continue to be) great, the atmosphere super, the fellow guests… also a whole lot of fun! Both of the attractions were also great adventures!

As time has gone by, it has been fun to watch Avengers Campus grow and evolve. In the last year, some characters have come and gone as they have had movies be released or series arrive on Disney+. Recently Moon Knight and Mr. Knight stopped by. Currently, America Chavez and Scarlet Witch are visiting. This has added to the overall experience through the last year and given even more reasons to revisit the campus and see what is changing.

Another huge step forward for Avengers Campus came when traditional meet and greets returned to the Disneyland Resort. Suddenly, instead of socially distanced photo ops with the different heroes at Avengers Campus, guests could interact with them. This changed the dynamic of the land immediately and made it even more awesome! It went from looking like a campus and to completely feeling like an immersive campus with the heroes interacting with guests, taking them on missions, and having moments with them in all corners of the land.

One year ago Avengers Campus was an exciting and dynamic place to visit. Today, it continues to get better and better as Earth’s mightiest heroes continue to inhabit it and make memories for guests who stop by to check it out. Avengers Campus is a wonderful addition to Disney California Adventure. It is a perfect neighbor to Cars Land and has really added a lot to the Disneyland Resort’s second gate. One year after its opening, it is fun to look back at how it has grown and anticipate what will come next!


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