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“Aladdin” Director Guy Ritchie to Direct Live-Action “Hercules”

The director of Aladdin, Guy Ritchie, is set to direct Disney’s upcoming live-action movie Hercules. This continues a partnership that saw Aladdin pass the billion-dollar mark at the box office the last time the two came together.

The live-action version of Hercules is being produced by AGBO. This is the production company that is run by Joe &  Anthony Russo. They were also the company behind Avengers: Endgame. Dave Callaham wrote the first draft of the script for the movie and now AGBO is in process of hiring new writers for the next pass.

This deal was made by CAA. It was made before Ritchie exited the agency and instead went to WME.

Along with Aladdin, Ritchie has also directed Sherlock Holmes, The Gentleman, and The Wrath of Man. Hercules originally came out as an animated film in 1997 from Walt Disney Animation studios.


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