Tale of the Lion King Arrives at Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theatre

Over the weekend, a new show arrived at Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theatre. Tale of the Lion King is a story-theatre adaptation of Disney’s The Lion King is staged in a completely new presentation. The show includes lots of inspiration from its cultural roots. This includes scenery, costume designs, new original arrangements, and new choreography.

A version of the show originally debuted at Disney California Adventure, where it was an instant hit. Now it has been moved to the Fantasyland Theatre and has been creatively updated to fit the space.

Susana Tubert, creative director of Live Entertainment at Disneyland Resort, describes anew artistic approach that was taken to stage the show.

“In transposing the 2019 production of ‘Tale of the Lion King’ from a small outdoor stage at Disney California Adventure to the magnificent Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland park, we incorporated a new medium. Uniquely created artistic projections bring to life the individual settings of the story throughout the performance,” said Tubert. “And in doing so, we visually depict the tale shared by the Storytellers of the Pride Lands. Our show will move audiences as they step into a world of vibrant sights and sounds that is both culturally authentic and uniquely Disney!”

Tale of the Lion King is narrated by The Storytellers of the Pride Lands, a traveling troupe who re-enact the tale of how the small cub Simba becomes a great and powerful king. It also includes many of the beloved songs from the original animated film.

Tubert added, “I’m proud to say that through the extraordinary collaboration between our show director Paul Bryant, new-to-the-show choreographers Kevin and Marcel Wilson, and the entire Disney Live Entertainment team, this new theatrical adaptation of the beloved animated film ‘The Lion King’ is unlike any other!”

Check out this video of Tale of the Lion King that was taken during the opening weekend of the show at Disneyland.

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