Disney Princess – The Concert Cast Meets with Guests in Downtown Disney District

Susan Egan, Arielle Jacobs, Anneliese van der Pol, and Syndee Winters are the current cast for Disney Princess – The Concert. The four were found at Downtown Disney District today signing photos and meeting with guests. These talented performers who brought Disney princesses to life on the stage met with people from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Downtown Disney LIVE! stage. The meet and greet was sponsored by Pandora.  

Those who attended this meet and greet were given wrist bands before getting in line. Then they were able to get a signed piece of art that represented the performers along with a quick picture. The event comes as Disney Princess – The Concert is currently in the midst of a tour. In the coming months, they will be performing around the United States. DAPS MAGIC team member Caitlyn experienced this meet and greet on a very warm Southern California day.

Disney Princess – The Concert does not include anyone dressed up as a Disney princess. Instead, it includes people who brought them to life. Through the course of their concert, they perform songs from Disney movies live and share behind-the-scenes stories of what it was like bringing different Disney princesses to life on the stage and screen. Currently, the concert is including the Spring 2022 Princess Cast. The Fall 2022 Princess Cast has not been announced at this time.

For more details about their tour, visit disneyconcerts.com/princess.

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