Disney’s Encanto Continues to Soar on Disney+ and Billboard 200

Disney’s Encanto is seeing a lot of success since arriving on Disney+. After a modest run at the box office, its second run on Disney’s streaming service has been completely different.

Since arriving on Disney+, the soundtrack has done very well on the Billboard 200 list. In fact, this week the soundtrack to Encanto took the top spot. It bumped Adele’s 30 out of the top spot when it did.

On Disney+, the film has also been doing quite well. Disney shared that the film was the most-viewed title on its streaming service for the first two weeks since it has been released.

Encanto is about a family in Columbia that is gifted with magical traits, except for one girl. While she didn’t have magic, she did hope to save the magic of her home and her family. At the box office, Encanto brought in $90.6 million domestically last year. This made it the 15th most successful film of the year.

The film has reached a much larger audience, however, on Disney+. Disney’s streaming service has over 100 million subscribers. Since it came to the streaming service, Encanto has become a sensation on TikTok and other social media platforms as fans post videos of themselves lipsyncing the music from the film. With the ease of accessibility on Disney+ for fans to watch the film over and over again without having to go to the theaters, the social media flood makes sense.

What do you think of Encanto’s success on Disney+ and the Billboard 200? What do you think of Encanto? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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