Spider-Man: No Way Home – Mr. DAPs Review (No Spoilers)

Spider-Man is back and this time, he has no way home… according to the title. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland is back as Peter Parker and is facing a whole new set of challenges after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. After his identity is revealed, Parker turns to Doctor Strange to make him anonymous. When things don’t go as planned, Peter Parker finds himself facing off against villains from across the multiverse.


The storyline for Spider-Man: No Way Home continues right after the events of Far From Home. In some ways, the two could be made into quite a long film. As it moves forward though, it all makes sense. Yes, this is a superhero movie and deals with some concepts that are quite fantastical (aka multiverse stuff). However, the storytelling is so solid that it all seems believable. The story is solid and at times poignant. The characters are believable and the relationships they have with each other are as well. The progression also makes a lot of sense as it builds to the climax and eventual conclusion of the film. One could probably nitpick specific little things that could be considered not perfect with this movie. However, walking out of the film I simply wasn’t thinking of those things. Instead, I was thinking of what a great movie this was and what a great ride I had just gone on in that movie theater with my fellow moviegoers. Spider-Man: No Way Home will most likely go down as one of the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The quality for Spider-Man: No Way Home really is fantastic. There are a LOT of moments and characters that utilize CGI throughout the film. At no point did I find myself wishing they had “finished the job” and polished the CGI a bit more so it didn’t have that fake look. Instead, I found myself fully immersed in the film. As it progressed, I got pulled in further and further. The same went for audio effects that partnered with the visual effects. Watching this movie is a completely enjoyable experience. It also is one that reminds the viewer of how awesome a movie theater can be with the big screen and incredible sound.


The collection of characters in Spider-Man: No Way Home really does a phenomenal job. Each character has a purpose and helps move the plot forward. There also aren’t any weak characters in the film. It seems all very deliberate and that is a good thing. The main group who have been in all of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies really have grown and are now solidly in their stride. This makes for a really solid foundation to add more characters around them. The added characters (both good and bad) all bring something to the table as well. The collection of actors really helps the audience go on an emotional journey throughout the course of the film.


The music found in Spider-Man: No Way Home really is fantastic. The score is written by Michael Giacchino and is perhaps his best in the three Tom Holland Spider-Man movies. There are also some songs thrown into the movie. None of these detract from the film thankfully. Instead, the music does exactly what it should be doing. It accompanies the story that is being told and helps make the movie even more immersive. The score also pulls from some other recognizable themes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond. Overall, it is an enjoyable and effective score and definitely adds to the film. It’s also worth checking out the score independently.

Final Thoughts

Spider-Man: No Way Home immediately swung to the top of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. While it might not be the best MCU film ever made, it definitely ranks pretty high. It is a solid film that is full of action, adventure, emotion, effective conflict, and also humor. It was perhaps one of the most enjoyable MCU movies I’ve seen in the theaters. It definitely has a re-watch-ability factor and I can’t wait to go see it again. I also highly suggest seeing it in theaters if this can do so safely. This movie is a wonderful culmination of the first three Tom Holland Spider-Man films. I can’t wait to see where things go next in the MCU!

Remember: If you do go see (or have already seen) Spider-Man: No Way Home please do not post spoilers publicly. Let people experience the film just like you did!


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