Rubber Ducky Races at Disney California Adventure Add Extra Magic

Sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most magical. At the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, there is a fun little bit of sport that is not so strong on speed but is definitely full of magic. In the creek that runs through the area, there are Rubber Ducky Races happening.

Kids line up rubber duckies on a railing with them held from falling in by a cast member and their net. The cast member eventually moves the handle of the net holding the rubber duckies up and they fall into the creek below. Excited kids then follow the cast member down to the next bridge and eagerly await the arrival of their floating ducks. When they reach the next bridge, the cast member catches them with the net.

This may not be a nighttime spectacular or parade, but this is a magical moment that kids absolutely love. While simple, it is very easy to sit there and watch this happen for longer than some would care to admit. It is unknown how often this happens at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. What is known is that this is a cute little bit of magic that is worth making the trek over to check out.

Have you seen the rubber ducky races at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail? What’d you think? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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