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Disney Channels Dropped from YouTube TV Amid Dispute Between Google and Disney

Those who have YouTube TV will not be watching any Disney-owned channels as a Google and Disney has lapsed. The result is that YouTube TV subscribers can no longer watch ABC-owned TV stations, ESPN networks, Disney channels, Freeform, the FX networks and the National Geographic channels. The channels were dropped after the deal lapsed on Friday night at midnight.

Because of the channels being dropped, YouTube TV has dropped its monthly prices by $15 a month. While the channels are no longer offered, the price will now be $49.99. It used to be $64.99.

“We’ve held good-faith negotiations with Disney for several months. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we’ve been unable to reach an equitable agreement before our existing one expired, and their channels are no longer available on YouTube TV,” Google said in a statement. “We will be decreasing our monthly price by $15, from $64.99 to $49.99, while this content remains off of our platform.”

Google added that the negotiations will continue saying, “We know this is frustrating news for our customers, and not what we wanted. We will continue conversations with Disney to advocate on your behalf in hopes of restoring their content on YouTube TV.”

Disney had its own thoughts on the dispute saying, “We’ve been in ongoing negotiations with Google’s YouTube TV and unfortunately, they have declined to reach a fair deal with us based on market terms and conditions.” Disney said in a statement to Variety that “As a result, their subscribers have lost access to our unrivaled portfolio of networks including live sports and news plus kids, family and general entertainment programming from ABC, the ESPN networks, the Disney channels, Freeform, the FX networks and the National Geographic channels.”

Disney continued by saying “We stand ready to reach an equitable agreement with Google as quickly as possible in order to minimize the inconvenience to YouTube TV viewers by restoring our networks. We hope Google will join us in that effort.”

Unsurprisingly, the dispute revolves around money. Google believes that Disney is asking for too much. Disney disagrees. It is unknown how long the Disney channels will not be on YouTube TV. As the dispute continues, Disney stands to gain more subscribers to its competing television streaming service Hulu+ Live TV. Similarly priced, Hulu+ Live TV does not carry quite as many live television stations but it does have all the Disney channels.

What do you think of this dispute between Google and Disney? What do you think the resolution should be? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


One response to “Disney Channels Dropped from YouTube TV Amid Dispute Between Google and Disney”

  1. The Customer is the loser because streaming is more cost effective than cable.It is sad that these 2 massive sized companies can’t get a agreement..In the meantime why can’t KABC here in the LA Market air the major events on espn like the Bowl games and NFL Playoffs on its digital sub channel in order to serve the community..
    The NFL has a clause in there contract that a yeams home market games have to be on a over the air station especally when on cable or like Monday Night Football..

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