A Look at the Last Rainy Day of 2021 at Disneyland

December 30, 2021, was the last rainy day of the year at Disneyland. As Disneyland prepared to host its New Year’s Eve festivities, the rain came down and the crowds showed up. There weren’t as heavy crowds as other years during the Christmas week but there were still a lot of people enjoying a rainy Disneyland. As the skies continued to fall, it seemed that most of the guests were in high spirits. It made for a very lovely afternoon stroll around Disneyland.

As always is the case, the Disneyland trip started on Main Street, USA. While Town Square was not busy at all, Main Street itself was humming with people coming and going. Because of the rain, the staircase to the Main Street Station was open and photos were able to be taken from the top. It was a nice vantage point that hasn’t been available as Mickey and friends wave from the location since the park’s reopening. The area in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle wasn’t as busy either as not as many people stopped to take photos. This also could have been because no PhotoPass photographers were there to take the pictures. The rain on the street made for a lovely reflection and for some fun photos.

The next stop was Frontierland and New Orleans Square. Pirates of the Caribbean was quite popular and there was quite a line that wrapped around the area. Haunted Mansion Holiday was closed. The Rivers of America looked absolutely beautiful with the seasonal colors and the rain. A stage for New Year’s Eve had been erected on Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Over at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, things were as busy as anywhere else in the park. This was a place where it was very apparent that it was Christmas week. It also appeared that the Millennium Falcon was the most popular photo location for the day.

The next stop was Big Thunder Mountain before wandering through Fantasyland. Fantasyland was busy but not as busy as it sometimes is. People were still soaring around the skies aboard Dumbo though! As is always the case when it rains, several attractions were closed.