Take a Look at Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade! at Disneyland Paris

Christmas has taken over Disneyland Paris and to say it is beautiful would be an understatement. This year, Disneyland Paris debuted a new Christmas parade. Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade! This parade consists of five floats that have Mickey and friends, along with Disney Princesses, Santa Claus, and even Tinker Bell celebrating the season. Each float represents an idyllic Christmas scene and includes traditional decorations. Parade performers are also dressed up in luminous costumes that were designed specifically for this parade.

This new Parade is a surprise because there is a daytime version and it becomes a new show come nightfall with hundreds of thousands of lights that illuminate these floats and tell a new story,” said Emanuel Lenormand, Show Director at Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris shared photos of Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade! that show off the magic of this parade. Check them out below!

DAPS MAGIC’s friends at Mousesteps are currently at Disneyland Paris and filmed both day and night versions of the parade. Check them out here:

Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade! Daytime Version

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Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade! Nighttime Version

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What do you think of this new parade at Disneyland Paris? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!