I Put a Spell On You – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 1203 (#577)

Welcome to GEEKS CORNER! This week the GEEKS celebrate Halloween throughout the show as they talk about what is going on in the world of Disney and geek! This week they talk about the arrival of snow on Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. With Halloween coming, it’s time to talk about the best Halloween offerings on Disney+! Back at Disneyland, prices have gone up and the Dream Key is now sold out. The parking trams are also returning to the Disneyland Resort. The GEEKS share their thoughts and perspectives on the matters. Ahead of the holiday season arriving at Disneyland, Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe is now open at Disneyland. Finally, the Main Street Electrical Parade is returning it appears to the Disneyland Resort! What do you think about this return?

Along with all of the topics mentioned above, the GEEKS also are joined by Penguin Harry Larry for some Halloween Ghost Jokes. Mr. DAPs also performs I Put a Spell On You by whistling along with playing the ukulele. We hope you enjoy this Halloween edition of GEEKS CORNER! We’ll see you in the corner!


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