Jessica Rabbit to Have Central Role in Revamped Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin at Disneyland

Disneyland’s Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin is getting updated. The changes will be focused on Jessica Rabbit’s role in the story. In the updated storyline, she will become a private eye who is out to get rid of a new wave of crime in Toontown. A new sign shows Jessica Rabbit in a fedora and trench coat, much like Eddie Valiant wore in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The changes come as Disney works to make the attraction more “relevant.”

“Enough is enough,” said Jessica in a statement. “The good toons of our neighborhoods are afraid to come out at night, at it is getting worse by the day! Those weasels are up to something big… I am going to find out what it is, and put a stop to it!”

At this point, it isn’t known how much of the attraction will be trained or when it will be finished. Jessica Rabbit has already been removed from one of the two scenes in which she appeared in the attraction.

Disney has been known to update attractions through the years. In recent years Pirates of the Caribbean has seen several updates, including the most recent addition of Redd replacing “the redhead.” Snow White’s Scary Adventures was also recently updated to Snow White’s Enchanted Wish. The Jungle Cruise also recently was updated to create an experience that would be more universally enjoyed. In the future, Splash Mountain will be getting rethemed to tell a new story with the characters of The Princess and the Frog.

What do you think of Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin being updated? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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