Dapper Dans Return to Disneyland for Halloween Time

The Dapper Dans are back at Disneyland after a hiatus of over a year and a half. Disneyland’s barbershop quartet returned to Main Street, USA for the start of Halloween Time on September 3, 2021. The music that was sung was themed to the Halloween celebration and had many beloved tunes that guests remembered from previous performances through the years. However, there was also some new music and moments added in as well.

The first set of the day was aboard a horse-drawn trolley. Dressed in their Halloween outfits, the quartet made their way up Main Street, USA to Sleeping Beauty Castle and then back down to Town Square as they sang Halloween music.

Throughout the day, the Dapper Dans also sang in front of the firehouse and also on the steps in front of Main Street Station. One particularly fun added moment was pulled from The Muppets and was both poignant and funny. Watch to the end of the video below to see what this is but it won’t be mentioned here for those who do not want spoilers.

The return of the Dapper Dans to Disneyland marks one more step to normalcy for Disneyland and its guests. This beloved group has been a fan favorite for decades. Check out the Disneyland App for their performance times on your next visit. Also, continue to check back at the DAPS MAGIC YouTube page for more Dapper Dans videos.

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