Disneyland Paris Announces Worlds of Pixar

The president of Disneyland Paris today announced that there is now a new area of Walt Disney Studios called World of Pixar. Worlds of Pixar includes seven Pixar-themed attractions and photo locations in Toon Studio. This includes Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille: The Adventure, and Cars ROAD TRIP. Guests will also be able to see Pixar characters including The Incredibles, Lightning McQueen, and more. There will also be Pixar-themed snacks.

Three new backdrops were also painted that are being described as Instagram-able locations. This is the continuation of work being done to add more Disney-Pixar storytelling and characters to Walt Disney Studios. There are more changes expected to be announced at Disneyland Paris for Walt Disney Studios as the park continues to be transformed.

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