The World Famous Jungle Cruise Officially Reopens at Disneyland Resort

Today The World Famous Jungle Cruise officially reopened at the Disneyland Resort after being refurbished and upgraded throughout the park’s closure and reopening. The classic Adventureland attraction has been updated with new story scenes and elements to make it more enjoyable for all who experience it.

Jungle Cruise has been a favorite at Disneyland for many guests since Disneyland opened in 1955. The new upgrades are the most recent changes to the attraction that has continued and evolved through the decades. Ahead of this update, a more recent update added piranas. This most recent update now adds backstory to the stars of the attractions, the skippers! For the first time in Disney history, a cast member is included in the attraction. This is in the rhino scene where Skipper Felix and his crew are trying to avoid the point the rhino is trying to make in the end.

A Rhino makes its point with Skipper Felix on The World Famous Jungle Cruise

There are also other updated scenes throughout the attraction that add more story to the experience as well. All of these updates culminate with the brand new Trader Sam’s Gift Shop, formerly the Lost and Found for the jungle. Of course, being Trader Sam, he had to trade out the Lost and Found for something a bit more lucrative.

The DAPS MAGIC team was able to ride aboard the newly updated Jungle Cruise and filmed the following video of this beloved attraction. Take a look at this new cruise!

YouTube player

Along with the opening of Jungle Cruise today, next door at The Tropical Hideaway there is now a DOLE Whip® Pineapple Split. This includes DOLE Whip®, blueberries, strawberries and Mandarin oranges, topped with coconut-caramel sauce, crushed plantains, dried hibiscus, and toasted coconut. For a limited time and while supplies last it is being served in a Jungle Cruise Dessert Bowl that looks like a Jungle Cruise boat!

What do you think of the updated Jungle Cruise? Have you experienced it yet? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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