Black Widow Launches Into Theaters With Projected $89 Million Opening Weekend

Black Widow has launched into the weekend with a robust estimated $89 million. This makes it the strongest post-pandemic movie opening. The weekend began with $13.2 million on Thursday night and $39.5 million on Friday. The theater was released onto 4,160 screens.

The weekend projection for the first Marvel Studios film to hit the big screen in two years was in line with what industry projections and predicted. It also brings the box office closer to the pre-pandemic normal. Spider-Man: Far From Home, for example, garnered $92.5 on its opening weekend in July 2019.

Disney has not released the numbers for Black Widow’s release on Disney+ Premier Access for an additional $30. It is unknown how this release on Disney’s streaming service impacts the box office numbers.

The film has done well overseas as well. It opened mid-week in multiple markets. In the UK and France, Black Widow had a $5 million opening on Wednesday. The following day it opened in 30 more countries. Coming into the weekend, the film had garnered $22.4 million. It is expected that some of these numbers will be impacted by the ongoing global pandemic.

Disney’s next big family film to hit theaters is on July 30 with Jungle Cruise. This film will also be released in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access (an additional $30). While Black Widow seems to indicate people are ready to return to movie theaters, as more movies are released it will be easier to determine what new moviegoing trends are.

Did you see Black Widow in theaters? What did you think of it? Read DAPS MAGIC’s review here. Share your thoughts about this movie and its release in the comments below!

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