What Californians Can Expect When Disneyland Reopens on April 30

This morning, we got the very exciting news that Disneyland plans to reopen on April 30! While fans from all over the world are going to want to enter through the gates and experience the magic, the tickets and reservations will only be available to California residents. Here is what else Californians can expect with the reopening next month.

When the Disneyland Resort reopens in April, you can definitely expect masks and physical distancing! Disney CEO Bob Chapek has said that these requirements will exist in Disney parks until the end of 2021 but hopes they will be able to lift these by 2022.

To help Disneyland abide by capacity guidelines, trips will need to be planned through a reservation system. Though full details aren’t available at this moment, we can assume that the system will mirror Walt Disney World’s. This means that if you plan a three-day vacation, you will need to make a park reservation for each day that you are there and plan to visit the theme parks. Disneyland has not addressed if park-hopping will be available when the parks reopen.

The biggest question at the moment is “How will they verify California residency?” Theme park tickets will be sold only online, so fans have speculated that there will be an online verification system. The other possibility could be showing proof of California residency at the turnstiles when you enter with your tickets. We are sure that Disney will release more on this process when they announce reservations opening.

We know that while these restrictions and guidelines will be in place, it will definitely be nice to have Disneyland Resort open again! Are you one of the many Californians excited about this reopening? Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think!