A Day with Dinos, Specifically the Cabazon Dinosaurs

Just a couple of hours from Orange County adventures can experience dinosaurs in a way like no other. The Cabazon Dinosaurs are an absolutely iconic roadside destination off of the I-10 in (no surprise here) Cabazon, California.

For years the Geeks of Geeks Corner had driven past this destination, seeing it off to the side of the road, but never stopping. This changed this summer. Mr. Daps, Caitie Bear, and Jenny made the trek to Cabazon to see this terrific collection of dinosaurs and they did not disappoint. There is a cost for admission to the Cabazon Dinosaurs if you don’t want to just look from the outside.

Admission Prices

  • Adults (13-55) – $13
  • Kids (3-12) – $11
  • Seniors & Military – $10

Once inside, there are dinosaurs EVERYWHERE! There are many different types of dinosaurs as well. On top of this, you can also climb up into the massive t-rex-looking dinosaur that can be seen from the freeway and just about everywhere else in the area. Not enough? There is also a shop with way too many fun souvenirs and collections of Dino scenes inside there as well.

Just outside of the fenced-in Dino area and next to the big T-rex, there is also an incredible ice cream truck called the Wafflesaurus Truck. This isn’t always open though so make sure and check the website before you get your heart set on it and make the trek out to Cabazon!

Overall, the Cabazon Dinosaurs is an adventure that really is a must-see for Dinosaur lovers. It’s also just a fun adventure for anyone with a sense of humor as it is definitely a unique experience. More information about the Cabazon Dinosaurs can be found on their website at cabazondinosaurs.com. Oh, and they also paint the big dinosaurs out front seasonally which is entertaining to see as well!

Have you visited the Cabazon Dinosaurs before? What did you think? Did you get the ice cream? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!