Rise of the Resistance – Top 5 Good News Disney Stories of 2020 – #5

In this year’s top 5 Disney stories of the year, I’m taking a slightly different approach.  It has been a hard year, as I think anyone could say.  If we went straight to the top 5 stories there would be some that could dwell on the disheartening.  Instead, here are the top 5 good news Disney stories.  It’s determined by reaction and the impact it is making on the company.

Here is the first story of the good news of the year from Disney!

Rise to the Occasion

Yes, the first story counting down is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening at Disneyland.  The newest attraction at the Disneyland Resort was a considerably big deal in January and still has been talked about throughout the year.  Guests arrived early to the resort in hopes that they could be the first onto the attraction to help the Resistance battle the First Order.

Rise of the Sun

It was a remarkably calm day for an opening of an attraction on January 17.  Members of the DAPs team arrived early in the morning to be in before the official park opening.  Hours before the Disneyland opening time, guests were able to go down Main Street and await their fate.

Since it had first opened in Disney’s Hollywood Studios the month before, many were familiar with the process of needing to open an app and follow procedures to secure Boarding Passes to Rise of the Resistance.  As 8:00 came around, you could hear groups cheering or yelling depending on success or frustration.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Transport

Rise of Infamy

Since that opening day, guests had been flocking to the park in the wee hours of the morning, standing in line, waiting to see if they would secure the coveted boarding pass to ride the newest and most exciting ride at the Resort.  Many have succeeded.  Many have not yet.  It ends up being a rare and controversial ride as far as access.  Those who have been able to ride have said it’s one of the best rides Disney has ever done!

Rise Again

With Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening at Disneyland, both Galaxy’s Edge lands are complete (for now).  Having Rise not open for several months made an area of the land feel sparse and open.  Now, there is certainly something at almost every foot of the area.  It has been a wonderful addition, and this long journey from first hearing of a Star Wars land to the attraction being open has come to fruition.  Though the park is currently not open there will come a time when it will be and the Resistance will rise again!

What do you think of this in the top 5?  Did you get to ride and if so what did you think of the attraction?  Let us know in the comments below!  And also below this is some of the coverage of the attraction at Disneyland.

Our First Reactions to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland Park

Fans Descend on Disneyland for Opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance!

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