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Jon M. Chu in Negotiations to Direct Lilo & Stitch Live-Action Film

Director Jon M. Chu is in talks to direct the live-action Lilo & Stitch for Disney. If this goes through, he will join producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich of Rideback on the project. They were the producers behind Aladdin, which garnered over a billion dollars at the box office for Disney last year.

Chu is known as the director behind Crazy Rich Asians. He also recently joined Lucasfilm’s Willow series as both a director and executive producer. He recently directed In the Heights, the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, for Warner Bros. and it will be released in 2021.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the search is now underway for someone to write the screenplay with Chu. There is a draft by Mike Van Waes that hasn’t been greenlit yet and is still in development. It is unknown what will happen with this project.

The animated film was released in 2002 and was written and directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. The film tells the story of a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo who befriends a genetically engineered alien named Stitch that was supposed to be a force of chaos and destruction. However, the bond of family can overcome just about anything and Stitch discover what is true purpose in life is.

This is potentially the second Lilo & Stitch project that is active at Disney currently. At one point there was a project being worked on for Disney+. It is not known if the two are separate or one and the same.

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