Toby Haynes Steps in to Direct Rogue One Spin-Off Series for Disney+

Disney+ is getting ready to start production on the Rogue One spinoff series. As preparations continue to get underway, there will be a different director taking over for the first three episodes. Initially this was supposed to be done by Tony Gilroy, however Deadline is reporting that instead Toby Haynes (Black Mirror) will be taking on the director duties for these episodes.

The change comes due to COVID-19. Gilroy stepped back due to travel related reasons. He lives in New York and UK is where the show will be shot. Due to the fact that filming will begin soon, Gilroy decided that it would be smarter for him to remain and let Haynes take over directorial duties.

The choice for Haynes to direct doesn’t come completely out of left field. He was already high on the list of directors who would be directing future episodes in the series. He also is already in the UK so apparently all involved though that this would be a smarter move. Gilroy will continue to be involved with the Rogue One spinoff series as both executive producer and show runner.

The Rogue One spinoff series will focus on Rebel Agent Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and the early days of the rebellion against the Empire. Currently the series is in pre-production with the goal to start shooting next month. Alan Tudyk will also be be in the series reprising his role as K-2S0.

Haynes has been quite busy lately. He directed the Black Mirror episode U.S.S. Callister that quickly became a fan favorite. He also directed Brexit for HBO. This Friday, Utopia, which he also directed will be arriving on Amazon Prime.

What do you think about this change of directors for this series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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