Pixar SparkShort “Burrow” to Debut with “Soul” November Theatrical Release


Earlier this month, Disney announced that the upcoming Pixar film Soul was still slated for theatrical release in November. While other films have been delayed, Soul is set to be the first Disney film to open in theaters since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down theaters. This week, Disney announced that the SparkShort Burrow would be debuting in theaters alongside Soul!

Pixar has a long history of playing shorts before their films, something that has given many artists their chance at filmmaking! SparkShorts has been a program where Pixar employees are given six months and a limited budget to create a short! The finished shorts have often been put on the Disney+ streaming service but this will be the first to make a theatrical debut!

The short is in 2D animation, something I was very excited to see! You don’t see 2D animation often, especially in theatrical releases. You can see the tweet announcement of Burrow from writer and director Madeline Sharafian. From what her peers have said, this short is beautiful, funny, and the pick-me-up that the world needs right now.


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