Welcome to another edition of DISNEY Reporter! Each week it covers the top Disney and geek stories that has happened of the course of the last seven days. This week, the results are in on The Walt Disney Company’s third quarter. While they weren’t great, there were also a few glimmering spots. The parks’ numbers weren’t so good. Disney+ numbers however were quite the opposite. As things continue to be impacted by coronavirus, Disney has moved the release of Mulan to Disney+.

This week was a special week for fans of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. A documentary came out called Howard about Howard Ashman’s life. Alan Menken also headlined a fundraiser that included Lin-Manuel Miranda for The Walt Disney Family Museum. In it, he performed a lot of music he collaborated on with Ashman. DAPS MAGIC has details and reviews about both of these.

Finally, in Disney Parks news, Walt Disney World Resort is shortening the operating hours for all four of its parks starting in September.

It’s been a busy week in Disney and geek news! What do you think the top story of the week was? Share it in the comments below! Beyond that, stay safe, stay healthy, and hopefully, we’ll see you in the parks soon!

DISNEY Reporter Headlines

  • Disney Releases Quarter 3 Financial Results and they Aren’t Great https://dapsmagic.com/2020/08/disney-loses-3-5-billion-due-to-pandemic-closures-of-parks/
  • Mulan Heading to Disney+ https://dapsmagic.com/2020/08/disney-releasing-mulan-on-disney-in-september/
  • Disney+ Passes 60 million Subscribers https://dapsmagic.com/2020/08/disney-streaming-service-passes-60-million-paid-subscribers-this-month/
  • Howard Documentary Review https://dapsmagic.com/2020/08/howard-a-beautiful-documentary-about-a-beautiful-life-review-by-mr-daps/
  • Walt Disney Family Museum Hosts Night with Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda https://dapsmagic.com/2020/08/the-walt-disney-family-museum-shares-magical-evening-with-alan-menken-and-lin-manuel-miranda/
  • Walt Disney World Resort to Shorten Park Hours in September https://dapsmagic.com/2020/08/all-parks-at-walt-disney-world-shorten-hours-in-september/