International Dog Day - Nana

Disney Parks & DAPS MAGIC Celebrate International Dog Day!

Today is International Dog Day! To celebrate the day, Disney Parks is going all out and celebrating “man’s best friend.” Throughout the day, the Disney Parks Blog will be sharing a bunch of fun ideas with the Ultimate Disney Dog Pack. This pack will include ideas for crafts and so much more.

One of the other ways that Disney is also celebrating is by sharing a recipe that is perfect for the day! This treat is made up of ingredients that hopefully you already have around the house. Make them in the shape of a dog bone and it is a perfect treat to celebrate this special day! It’s also the perfect treat to enjoy while taking a break from your crafts that you are making to celebrate International Dog Day!


On top of making this wonderful recipe. Take a moment to share with DAPS MAGIC and Disney a photo of you with your dog with a little Disney magic. Here is a photo of me on the day that Nana (guess which dog) was rescued and I’m wearing my newsie hat (yes, it is from the touring production of Newsies). If you want, go all out and full-on Disney bound. If not, just add a bit of Disney magic to your photo and share it with us with the hashtags #dapsmagic, #DisneyMagicMoments, #InternationalDogDay, and #NationalDogDay. Then, DAPS MAGIC will share all these photos as we all share our love of dogs with each other!

Mr. DAPs and Dogs - International Dog Day
Mr. DAPs and Dogs – International Dog Day

We hope you have a fantastic day celebrating International Dog Day! What is your favorite puppy’s name? Is it Pluto? Or is it the dog that is laying next to you as you read this? Share your thoughts in the comments below or with DAPS MAGIC on Facebook or Twitter!


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