With the impact of coronavirus, it is a very interesting time to be a Disney Parks fan. There are lots of questions swirling around during this unprecedented time. Is it safe to go? What are the risks? Are the parks any fun during this time of phased reopening? Does the reservation system work? Do people actually wear face coverings in the parks? Should I even attempt to travel currently?

Murray recently traveled to Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando on a pre-scheduled trip and got a first-hand look at what it is like to travel during this new era of phased reopening. In this episode of DAPS MAGIC Live!, Murray shares what his experience was like and how he feels about traveling now. He also shares some photos and videos from the trip.

Before getting into the show, do consider these things. Neither Mr. DAPs nor Murray are medical professionals. Murray does live alone and weighed the risks of traveling right now before going on this trip. He also took safety precautions that included wearing face masks, washing hands, social distancing, and following guidelines that were given by health and safety professionals. It is highly suggested that anyone who seeks to travel weigh the risks of travel and also research health and safety guidelines before making a decision. If there is any doubt, stay home or at least seek the advice of a medical professional. With all that said, let’s chat with Murray and hear about his trip to Florida!