Disney continues to offer more #DisneyMagicMoments for guests to experience a little Disney magic from the comfort of their own home. The newest release is a ride and learn video of Ratatouille: The Adventure at Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris. This attraction shrinks guests down to the size of a rat and then takes them on an adventure through Gusteau’s kitchen.

Disney is giving guests a look at this attraction at Disneyland Paris. Soon, a version of the attraction will also be opening at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort. Take a look at the video that Disney has released below. Then, take a look at a 360 degree ride-through that Murray shot on a recent trip to the Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris.

Take a Ride on Ratatouille: The Adventure

Ratatouille: The Adventure 360 Ride-Through


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