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Development Postponed on EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth and Mary Poppins Attraction

Last year at the D23 Expo a lot of changes were announced for EPCOT. Spaceship Earth would be undergoing a refurbishment and the United Kingdom Pavilion would be getting a Mary Poppins attraction.

Today, Disney confirmed that both of these projects have been postponed. As guests returned to EPCOT today with its phased reopening, they quickly realized in the EPCOT Experience preview center that both Spaceship Earth and Mary Poppins had been removed from the presentation there. Soon, media outlets were reaching out for an answer from Disney.

In an official statement, Disney responded that both projects currently were not going to be moving forward at this time.  “As with most businesses during this period, we are further evaluating long-term project plans. The decision was made to postpone development of the “Mary Poppins”-inspired attraction and Spaceship Earth at this time.”

Originally it was expected that Spaceship Earth would be closing for its refurbishment in May. A reopening date had not been announced. An opening date for the Mary Poppins attraction also was not announced. For the foreseeable future, both of these projects will not change from where they are now. This means that guests visiting EPCOT will get to experience Spaceship Earth as it has been for the last few years.

At this time, there are no updates on other projects going on at EPCOT. DAPS MAGIC will follow these stories and update them as more news becomes available and confirmed. What do you think about the postponement of both of these projects?  Share your thoughts in the comments below or with DAPS MAGIC on Facebook or Twitter!