Hong Kong Disneyland Reopens

Hong Kong Disneyland became the second Disney theme park to reopen globally on the morning of June 18th. With the reopening, guests were once again able to visit the park and also see the progress on the Castle of Magical Dreams which continues to get closer to opening later this year.

The reopening was covered by New Update Live which streamed the entire reopening. The park was scheduled to open at 10:30 A.M. but select media was allowed in earlier. Hong Kong Disneyland Managing Director Stephanie Young made some comments at the opening. During them she said:

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished Guests, media friends, and my fellow Cast Members, good morning and welcome back to the happiest place on Earth! We are so happy you are here to stand in front of the Castle of Magical Dreams, and we’re reminded that dreams really do come true.

I am grateful for the support of this incredible community in Hong Kong, the commitment of our medical staff, and the dedication of all of our Cast Members. You have all managed through this challenging time, and I am optimistic that we have a bright future ahead. The health and safety of our Guests and Cast continues to be at the forefront of our mind, and our Cast Members have been working diligently to make sure all the necessary measures are in place for Guests to enjoy a magical visit.

The community has also been at the heart of Hong Kong Disneyland. Today we are very happy to welcome more than 100 families from Lantau Island through our NGO partners. They’re back for a magical visit. And Hong Kong Disneyland will continue to work with different charity organizations, inspiring them with the magic of Disney’s positivity and optimism. 

At Hong Kong Disneyland, we do believe in magic. It’s in every one of our stories and every one of our shows and attractions. As you can see, the Castle of Magical Dreams is nearing the final stage of transformation and will launch in late 2020. The castle will shine as a beacon of courage, hope, and possibility, which we will forever hold dear in our heart. 

So let’s all celebrate joy and happiness because being together with friends and family is the most magical memory of all. So Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, are you ready? It is my pleasure to allow all of you to believe in magic and officially announce that Hong Kong Disneyland is reopened!”

Hong Kong Disneyland Reopens

Hong Kong Disneyland Reopening Livestream

The reopening of Hong Kong Disneyland was with limited capacity. With Hong Kong’s borders still closed, almost everyone visiting the park is local. This comes a month before the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts reopen their parks, also to limited capacity.

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