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Do More With Your Droid With Disney’s New Droid Depot App

The Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge allows guests to build and customize their own droid. Today, that experience got added to as Disney released a new Droid Depot App to help brings these droids to life even more!

The new app is currently available free on the App Store and Google Play. This new app will add even more life to BB-series or R-series astromech droids from the Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Anyone who has purchased one of these droids most likely knows that they could interact with things in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. With this new app, they will also be able to interact with things at home!

For those who haven’t purchased a droid from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the app can be used to build virtual droids. Or, for a limited time, Disney is selling pre-built versions of BB-8 and R2-D2 interactive remote control droids from Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. They can be found on shopDisney.com. The price for these is $99.99 each.

Once paired to a droid, the new app will control the droid and allow it to be programmed with names and profiles. They will also be able to pilot through virtual routes through a home, all while having sounds and maneuvers activated via the app. The droid app also allows it to play tic tac toe, in either easy or hard mode. Favorite tunes that DJ R3X plays at Oga’s Cantina are also available to be played. Droids can have a dance choreographed to the music for this as well.

Disney released a video detailing how the new Droid Depot app works. Check it out here:

Have you downloaded the new Droid Depot app? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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